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 What are simoleons and What are they for?

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PostSubject: What are simoleons and What are they for?   Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:20 pm

If you haven't yet noticed, below your avatar is a nifty little section that should say simoleons and be followed by a number.

If you play sims (being a part of this forum I would assume that you do Laughing ) Simoleons are the currency that is used in the game. You can use this "money" to purchase fun stuff for your sims in game in "buy/build mode"

What good are they here?

Much like in the game Impulse Simoleons are used to buy neat new things for your sims from the shop section of our forum. In that section you can find poses, CC, Mods, and the like made by myself and our other members. Each item will have a price. In order to make purchases you have to earn simoleons by posting, winning contests run by me or other moderators, or by making friends!

So go on and make some simoleons! Then treat yourself to some delightful fun on an Impulse shopping spree! cheers
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What are simoleons and What are they for?
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