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 ZOMBIE CLASH! (DOWN with DRAB! Cycle 3 meets Night of the Living Dead Cycle 2) Model Sign-Ups OPEN!

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PostSubject: ZOMBIE CLASH! (DOWN with DRAB! Cycle 3 meets Night of the Living Dead Cycle 2) Model Sign-Ups OPEN!   Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:28 pm

This Cycle of DOWN with DRAB we have special treat! Something I’m sure most of you have never seen before!
DOWN with DRAB Cycle 3 is clashing with Night of the Living Dead Cycle 2!
That’s right! We’re going zombie! All models of the undead (child to elder) are welcome to join the fun! Both Male and Female models will be accepted!
Welcome to Zombie Clash!
This will be a collaboration of both competitions. Last cycle of Night of the Living Dead, your model was a survivor, a human trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, this time your model IS the Zombie! Reining terror over the world they work their way to destroying!
But what would this Clash of Comps be without the creative and unpredictable flare of DOWN with DRAB? True, your model MUST be a zombie, but they do NOT have to be a zombie of this dimension, time, or planet! You can make a Berry-Zombie, a stone age-zombie, a Space Alien-Zombie, or a Regular-everyday-zombie! Be Creative, Be Outrageous, Be Fabulous!

Any Zombie Models (child to elder) are welcome! Berry-Zombies, Space-Zombies, Normal-Zombies, etc. Both Male and Female models will be accepted.

-Be Nice
-Hand Things in on time
-No copying, stealing, or recycling assignments
-Keep it clean! All M-Rated work should be submited to the Unbound forum

-please hand in with thin black border
-no text is to be added to any of your assignments unless the assignment sheet directs otherwise
-no glitter or animations on your final work
-CC and editing is recommended but not required (skin plastering and photoskinning is ALLOWED! Assert any and all skills you have!)
-you MUST use the same model for the ENTIRE competition but you can change hair colour/style, eye colour, make up, clothes, etc. (ask if you want to change something that you are not sure)

Please Note that this competition will be based on EST!

-siggy announcing your victory
-a victory sim (by xodramaprincess)
-your entire studio rec'd
-spot as judge in cycle 4 of DOWN with DRAB!
-a sim from your studio (of your choice) appearing in xodramaprincess' legacy (The 7 Deadly Sims)
-Your final assignment used as a monthly banner on Impulse Forum
-Interview for Impulse Magazine
-100 Simoleons on the Impulse forum

xodramaprincess (drama): Host and founder of DOWN with DRAB!
deepdown (deep): Co-Host and founder of Night of the Living Dead

All judging will take place over PM on Unbound

Sign ups will be open until we have 15 models and then 2 weeks after that for any other models wishing to join. After which judges will submit their favourites in order of appeal and the top 15 will be chosen to continue in this competition! (Be sure to impress!)

If you're interested see the full comp. Here!
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ZOMBIE CLASH! (DOWN with DRAB! Cycle 3 meets Night of the Living Dead Cycle 2) Model Sign-Ups OPEN!
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